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[FRENCH] Hello je suis Masharu-Law et je suis français. J'aime les histoires, l'informatique et Internet, les jeux vidéos, les manga et animation, de manière générale le Japon mais aussi le Brésil, et les femmes. Je souhaiterais devenir scénariste et pourquoi pas créer mon propre studio.

[ENGLISH]I'm the founder of NChallenge, a group/website dedicated to the creation of video games, websites and fictions. I love to follow artists and admire their works. Sometimes I try to perform requests or commisions with artists for my/our projects (games, fictions...).

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Hello !

I write this journal to reduce the description of my poster. Here, you will find all the updates I made for :

My DA adopted characters - Poster by Masharu-Law

UPDATE #14 (08/04/2014) - A brand new presentation and a new awesome adopted character joins our NC family !

Now I hightlight also the cousins of my NChans. It's because I love them so much ! I explained several times that I can not use all of them for my group, NChallenge.

You may noticed that I put my girls on 7 columns (instead of 6 previously). I needed to put Dimchan and Gaïchan on the same line as the next characters. So for this new presentation it makes 4 lines of 7 characters and 2 line 6 characters.

The NChans's Cousins will not be part of the NChallenge's website (its means they will not use on NChallenge as hostesses, maybe later (really later)). I really love them as all my NChans, but for now I put them as cousin since I don't want, more, I can't have so many hostesses. + I don't have names for them, I'm so sad é_è !!!

You may also noticed an empty squarre on the middle (always about the NChans's cousins). It's because I will replace the current Qsuchan by a new adopted character in the future. The current Qsuchan, I love her, but her style remind so much Venchan (hair color) and Nirchan (style of attached hair).

I will make a little update later to add the cousins in the description.

UPDATE #13 (03/26/2014) - Awawa ! I love them so much it's so hard to choose the ones to use on NChallenge *cry*. I make many changes on my NChallenge family to have the most original characters as cute hostesses possible to use for our website. So I make a new change for Tixchan, a new character adopted from ArtemisTheHuntress10. She didn't send me the original file yet, so I'm sorry ArtemisTheHuntress10 I can not wait to update my poster.

The old Tixchan + two new adoptables join the NChallenge's cousins. I will also make some changes about the NChallenge's cousins group (more information soon, if I succeed to buy two paypal adoptables *so pooor :(*). And I will write a journal to explain why I'm adopting characters from artists.

UPDATE #12 (02/18/2014) - New update where, finally, I made some important changes :

• New adoptables :
- Lavy, a cute character I adopted from KuroXara. I wanted to see her as a NChan hostess but it's impossible for now, you know the reason (please read my previous updates to know). I called her for now Lavy since she reminds me lavender with her color palette. I want to give her to my mother for her birthday (she still be mine, it's just I want Lavy follow my mother when I will live alone).
- Kymchan, the new Kymchan is now the cute character, a black woman with. I removed Qsuchan as hostess (you can refind her more above), recall teh old Kymchan Qsuchan and call the new adoptable Kymchan so... Sorry :XD:, I hope you still follow the explaination, it's not the first time I change and exchange names bewteen my characters. Kymchan share also a similar design with Depchan's first design I had in mind (I wanted Depchan as a black woman with a dark colored hair), so now I will change Depchan for an original design.

• As you can see I changed the presentation :
- New header with the deviantART logo =). Icon made by esnooze.

- Now we can see distinctly the differente groups. And it's true that the characters used as NChallenge hostesses, the NChans, have an important place. This is normal because they are very important to me.

- For Darchan, Xeychan, Zuzchan (an soon Kymchan), I put a special mention to show you the name of their transformation (in the case of fictions only). So for example with Darchan I adopted her she was created as an angel, I kept this particularity and call her transformation "Angel Form". Exception with Thochan and Kaochan who have keep their original design (puppet doll and shinigami-zombi), and with Yuuchan and Qihchan (I don't keep their wings). Again this is not something I will not use for NChallenge's website, but only for fictions and games we may produce and you may see them in action.

- With the previous adoptable I removed as NChans (old "Cluchan"s, old Kymchan, old Qsuchan...), I still want they be connected to my NChans and I put them in the bottom left section. All the other adoptables no related to my NChans are in the bottom right section.

Ouch !!! I realize just now that Palchan is the only one to be blonde among my DA adopted characters :XD:... My other blond hostesses are original from me :XD: (Stachan, Sunchan, Caechan, Amachan, Quachan, Kurchan, Knichan, Wurchan, Zolchan and so now Depchan).

UPDATE #11 (02/02/2014) - HOLY WORLD ! THE BIGGEST UPDATE IS FINALLY HERE :la: !!! The log :

• The main part of my poster is dedicated to my NChans, female characters I use as NChallenge's mascot and adorable host you're able to see on our website. About them, I will show you both the original artworks of my female characters and the NChallenge fanarts where they wear our elegante chinese dress. I also put their name =). On the bottom of this poster I will show you all my other adopted characters. In addition, I changed once again the title of this poster, but I'm not satisfied yet, I find this title ridiculous >_>.

I think NOW I have all my DA adopted NChans. 40 cute female characters I will able to use for my website NChallenge as hostesses, they join my family of 60 original female characters I already use for NChallenge. As I said, I will continue to adopt original (female) characters if I find it original for me and I may use them not for NChallenge but as "cousin of my NChans" (please read below). I also added types for each host.

• I change Cluchan's design for a new one more original. The old character, of course I keep her for another project. It's strange for me because I adopted the couple Cluchan/Sevchan at the same time and I adopted also Sevchan because she is original like Beschan so I didn't wanted to let her, but I was there for Cluchan mainly. And since I adopted Kaochan, I found Cluchan less and less original and finally I wanted to change her for another more original. I can not change Cluchan, I have to respect RadicalRadio's desire to keep his adoptable intact. I found a first adoptable but I've realized that she wasn't so original as expected (she is like Sixchan in many points), you can saw her on the bottom of my poster (*). I finally find a new original adoptable to put as "Cluchan". This is the main reason why this update was delayed. And despit that, I will keep the link between Cluchan and Sevchan. I also wanted to thanks Gumwad201 who accepted to change Cluchan's official artwork she is currently drawing for NChallenge =).

• Including the new Cluchan, earlier this month I adopted 2 another characters to be my cute hostesses : Frychan and Kymchan. I didn't expected to find Kymchan, but when I saw her fall in love of her design, I thought on Rosalina from Super Mario when I look Kymchan, she is my Rosalina :hug: (I would love to see Kymchan wearing Rosalina's Smash Bros dresses :love: !). I found Frychan before Vimchan (so in december 2013) and so I wanted to call her "Vimchan", but at this time I didn't expected to adopt her since Shinonome-chan-san didn't read my note. Several weeks later she finally read and so I could adopt Frychan ^^ !

• The old NChans I removed as hostesses (first Cluchan/old Gymchan/old Zrichan/old Kymchan/second Cluchan) may be considered as the cousins of my NChans, but I will not use them as "hostesses" (it's only a fictional aspect). This may change if I have an another project with them to use.

• You can see my very first adopted character, the sketch with a short-haired girl (who has a sewn mouth like Kaochan). I also added the brave dog I adopted for my NChans, I don't find a name yet but Lawchan suggested me "Braveouaf" :XD:.

• Finally, I want to remember that some of my hostesses have stranges "powers" like turning into angel/succubus/dragon or invoke fairies, all are "human" or have "human form" and I use them only as "human" but I don't put aside their abilities.

Pffff ! Today I have the impression that my previous updates are a vast draft today put in order =)...

I think this is the last update for a long time. I may make some "small" updates for example to add fanarts/descriptions of my hostesses, Jhechan and Vluchan will have soon their first artwork ^^.

I love them so much and I'm so glad you like them =). Thanks for your attention =) !

UPDATE #10 (01/05/2014) - Arf... for the 10th update I wrote a long text yesterday but I had a little problem and so I loose my text x_x. I will try to say what I wanted.

So... Finally... Vimchan is here *^*... She would was my 36th adopted, she is finally my 38th after Gymchan and Zrichan, and maybe the last adoptable I will use for NChallenge. I already have 3 adopted I don't use for my website. As I said always, if I saw an original female adoptable I may adopt here for NChallenge.

I had in mind that Vimchan was welcomed by the other hostesses for her comeback to our house, after a long journey. With Joychan rushing at her, accompanied by Raychan moved by the scene :XD:. Of course, Lawchan ate the cake before anyone else... :XD:

I didn't expected Vimchan to be a Pokemon gijinka, a Grotle gijinka. I already have a "gijinka" character, it's Varchan who is my fakemon Vartaire's ginjinka. I consider both as original without any relation to the monsters, but I will not ignore Vimchan's gijinka origin. Unlike Varchan/Vartaire, the name of "Vim" and the monster created by Game Freak have no link.

I just hope we can see with VioletPetal and BlackBeeBee for the owner's transfert and have the original artwork. Anyway, now I will use Vimchan and I hope to see soon an artwork of her with Joychan...

• I change the description with "adopted from". The type field will correspond to a type between 11 or 12 different types for each hostess depending on their personnalities, and I will post soon an artwork about this.

UPDATE #9 (12/22/2013) - I finally made once again what I did like for the old "Gymchan", I changed my plan about "Zrichan" : the old adoptable I bought (last update) will be use for another project, while the new Zrichan I adopted today (the adorable punk :love:) become my #38 adopted (now after Gymchan as early, update #4) from DA to join my familly NChallenge ! Knichan will be so happy to have a close friend now !


• Update for the presentation (the logo is now on the top, Dimchan and Gaïchan are separated) and add some news informations. Now you can read the job I give for each, but I must admit I didn't found for a big part of them.

• I also starter to add a type category. Some of my hostesses have skill and power they can activates for example in battle. For example Urachan uses sword and has samurai skills ; Knichan can have different personalities depend on the mask she hold ; Pyuchan has PSY powers...

UPDATE #8 (12/12/2013) - New update : I finally added Qihchan's original artwork (colored by... me >_<) + I found Zrichan + I found a new adoptable I love I found more original than Gymchan, so I really the first and last case I do, I replace the orange haired black girl I call Gymchan for the new Gymchan (also an orange haired black girl, but with an original short hair and orange eyes). So Gymchan is now #37 after Zrichan.

I will use deliciouskaek's orange haired black girl adoptable I bought for another project (I must admit I adopted her mainly for her clothe more than the character itself shame on my >_>, and since I found Sixchan with the front hair style I wanted to change, I have this impression, like I had for Pemchan, to precipitate myself. But unlike Pemchan who I finally keep and give her a nice "job" perfect for her, the "old Gymchan" will be use for another project nothing related to me and my familly the "NChallenge Hostesses", something regarding one of our project on NChallenge (video games or fiction). This is this is the first and last case regarding my adopted characters, because when I started to adopt DA adoptable, my goal is to increase my own familly composed of original character with another "original character" I had to bought to have them.

• I renamed this piece "The NChallenge Hostesses - Part 2 (DA Adopted)" because I will upload the part 1 named "[...] NC Original" with characters I created thanks to artists who help me (I think Gumwad201, hiromihana and some japanese artists on Pixiv) and these characters are the main characters of NChallenge. The final update for this part 2 will be when I will have the official chibi we need for NChallenge's website.

I have in mind that I want a NChans Rap (like the Pokerap) :la:...

UPDATE #7 (12/02/2013) - New update with a brand new presentation, again. I made the NChans logo based on our website's logo (to remember : the NChans are the group name of my ladies). I hope you like how it looks like ! I also added 2 empty slots, it's for Vimchan and Zrichan, who would be "my very last adoptables". Currently I don't have them, I have to find them =). 98 ladies, 38 adopted from DA artists, I can not have more hostesses for my website for several reason. The first is that I can not give new names anymore, now it's impossible without breaking my own naming rules. The second is that so much of my characters haven't a job on NChallenge + my website is still under construction, my situation doesn't encourage me to add new characters. But if I have the opportunity to adopt an original female character, if I still have a place in my heart, I will adopt without hesitation. It's mostly what I did until now and it will not change. It looks like One Hundred and One Dalmatians, but with the NChallenge universes I'm creating. My hostesses, I protect them as if they were my daughters, I think of them every day. They are very important to me, rather than my website and my projects. It's a feeling that is found also in Raychan.

So the new 4 adopted I mention on the previous update are Zuzchan, Qihchan, Qsuchan and Ymichan. Like Xeychan, Zuzchan will have a "human form". Qihchan's artwork will be updated by Flarechess. I made also an updated regarding names of hostesses. Now Melchan's name is Memchan (to go along with Pemchan) and Roschan's is now Romchan (to go with Somchan). Romchan will also wear a extra suit, like Dimchan and Pemchan. She will wear a cowsuit (since she has... big breasts... I'm sorry :XD: but it's for NChallenge's business 8-)).

UPDATE #6 (11/26/2013) - I have adopt 4 more adoptables, for a current total of 36 adoptables. Anyway, I can not reach over 40 adoptables since I adopt characters for my group and I already have 60 original : + the adoptable, I may have 100 characters, 100 hostesses I have to use for my group, all are my "daughters" I love so much. This update is just to show you my last adopted + some improvement I added. I will make another update to write description of my last adopted when I will have the artwork of Qihchan.

UPDATE #5 (11/11/2013) - If I adopted many characters from awesome artists on DeviantART, it's because I wanted original hostesses I couldn't imagine and create by myself. This ideas I had just after I adopted a zombi character for one of my projects. I think all my "DA adopted" hostesses are original and then they are complementary to my own characters.

I reach 32 adopted characters in addition to my 60 original, it's beyond my limit of 30 (for a total of 92 hostesses I want for NChallenge. God, no, please not 100 characters... I will not find more names :XD:) ! I fact, about Dimchan and Pemchan, I consider I adopted them by "mistake", but I love them now, there is no problem. That's why I didn't include them in this posted before the last update. For NChallenge this little story about Dimchan and Pemchan permit me to give them a special job, no hostesses but waitresses. So, as "hostesses", it's 32-2 = 30 > Gaïchan to Sixchan. For now the account is good. But if I see a really cute girl to adopt, I may not resist... I will adopt her for NChallenge, for "my family". Even it's by money... With this edit, 3 new sisters : Nirchan, Brychan and Sixchan. Raychan, stop to hug them please :XD:. I also changed the name of one (now : Tixchan).

Soon, after to have all the chibi, I will make another poster with all the NChallege Hostesses + I'm currently working in a RPG fan-game where I will use all my characters as playable characters.

UPDATE #4 (11/07/2013) - Gymchan is my 29th adopted on DeviantART ! One more and I reach the 30 adopted characters on DeviantART. I also made a little update on the description.

UPDATE #3 (10/27/2013) - Since I adopted more than 25 characters on DeviantART, I updated the poster with a new presentation. I finally added the two waitress I adopted several month before : Dimchan and Pemchan. I also update the description. I also changed the names for some (now it's Sevchan and Jhechan).

UPDATE #2 (09/16/2013) - I updated the presentation ! I finally adopted more wonderful characters, I can not resist (´▽`)... 4 so beautiful and original characters join our family.

UPDATE #1 (08/02/2013) Yuu-Tanni and uvub didn't put me yet as owner of Tsuchan and Zypchan, event I paid them (for Yuu-Tanni's case, I saw it with her friend San-Ta we discussed about it). Now I will use Tsuchan and Zypchan anyway.

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