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Simple Map V2 by Masharu-Law
Simple Map V2 - Continent by Masharu-Law
Random worldmaps for your project, may not be so precise (it's Photoshop who generate the lines for me, and I make the color). Please ask me by note if you need a precise worldmap (this can take more time to be done).
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Face character | My dimensions : 450*350px | Original characters* & Monsters

Examples :
Monster Face #003 by Masharu-Law Monster Face #2 by Masharu-Law Monster Face #1 by Masharu-Law Animal Crossing Face by Masharu-Law QT Face 1 by pkmqt QT Face 2 by pkmqt

* It depends on the complexity of the character.

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Hello et bienvenue sur mon profil deviantART, je suis Masharu-Law et je suis français. J'aime les histoires, l'informatique et Internet, les jeux vidéos, les manga et animation, de manière générale le Japon mais aussi le Brésil, et les femmes. Je souhaiterais devenir scénariste et pourquoi pas créer mon propre studio.

Je suis le fondateur de NChallenge, une plateforme dédiée principalement aux développements de jeux vidéo, créations de sites webs et de fictions.

J'aime suivre les artistes et admirer leurs travaux. Parfois j'essaie de demander des requêtes et des commissions pour nos projets sur NChallenge.

I can speak in English and I use a translator to speak Japanese.

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- Blender (3D) :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
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:bulletred: EXTRA
Mon ancien compte devianTART :

:bulletblack: [05/28] Official from now I will speak English only if needed + on my journals at least. For NChallenge and our projects I will speak mainly french.

:bulletblack: [05/28] Sorry but officially from now I will not reply "Thanks" for those who send me llamas. Me, Raychan-ncplz and Muhchan-ncplz we have no time to reply and I think llama are useless .__. (I know I know, sorry...). I understand if you stop to send me, but at least I want to say "Thanks for the llamas" here for all these people who still send me so.

Llama Bagde thanks stamp by izka197


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• [Advertisement]

Note : I will write in english since this doesn't involve my works.

Adoptable : The beginning of a search

I'm writting this message because I really want to talk about some adoptables I missed, because yeah I missed some lovely cuties :sad:...

For those who don't know what is that, "adoptables" are on deviantART characters or even things (like clothes, monsters, weapons...) created and drawn by artists they put to sell for points or for money. And you can become owner of these once paid. Some people don't understand why buy characters if we can take inspiration or even reproduce the design by ourselves "because yeah it's easy". I will explain why I doing this.

In my case I adopt mainly female characters for my NChans group (familly of hostesses) composed of my main OCs I used as mascots for NChallenge a development group I'm creating currently. I don't need to buy characters and other things for games/fictions projects we can have on NChallenge (but I plan to use the NChans on some projects as well =P). My NChans in fact are really precious to me, I see them as my daughters and I want they are unique to each others. So I'm always in search of unique style for each character, what I see first is the hairstyle and then the eyes color. However, I'm not a fan of adoptable too much complex. I'm more attracted by chibi style I must admit and artistic style is an influenced factor for me it's true.

By buying a character yeah I become the owner of an idea I may have by myself you're right, but it's not just that. I met awesome artists like flarechess, FeatherButtTM, WTFadopts or SeraphicMayin, among many others. I see this as a true exchange between me plus the use of my characters and the honor of an artist that I can represent through projects. The problem is that I'm inactive in terms of projects so I can not prove this feeling but anyway I'm in the camp of those who want to promote artists and not of those who want to forget them. And yeah I had some problems with some other artists it's true, well for example ArtemisCrescent didn't send me yet the original file for archer girl I bought from her last March ! It cost me 1000 :points: it's my second most expensive character I ever bought ! Why I have to wait so long time ??? Please, I hope you're reading this message, Artemisthehuntress10.

Custom human adopts by CreatureCola CollabAdopt 03_04 by NightWind87 Adoptable 02 - CLOSED by orsylle Shark Baby Adopts (3 left) Paypal OPEN by ayeru :WANDERER KNIGHTESS: [CLOSED] by ClockworkAdopt
Some of my awesome girls !

My very first adopt was a character I named Dimchan I bought from CreatureCola last year, I don't remember precisely why I needed to adopt Dimchan, but I found her interesting design. At this time I had an idea conflict between Dimchan and my original character Bibchan, I had in mind a specific palette color and finally I gave the same palette color for both and made Dim-Bib as cousins :XD: ! And quickly after I saw Gaïchan from NEZUMI-NA, I loved so much her design so I bought her. At this moment I tought I could add more original characters to my group by this way, so this is how my searches began and still continue today. I nearly to miss Kaochan from XAngelFeatherX and one that cost me the most points is Noxchan from NightWind87 and VanillaStarburst where I spent the whole night standing to win the auction... Hard but I keep an awesome memory =). I also buy with money a few adoptables "only paypal" I love so much, Vluchan and Somchan from ehcs were my two first characters I bought with money and I bought a total of 6 characters like that. Currently I want to buy by paypal a cute character but I still waiting to resolve some IRL problems (my big problem of debt is solved thanks god).

I PAID A BIG TOTAL OF 11048 :points: for all my NChans I adopted on deviantART thanks to points, and HUGE TOTAL OF 16648 :points: YEAH if I convert money as points (for the few adoptables I paid with money throught PayPal). THIS IS A LOT FOR ME. I know I don't make art and even ask for drawings with my adopted characters currently, I have no skill I'm too busy and I'm poor >___>. But I really love them and when I will have the time I will write stories and start some game projects with them. Ene-RPG would be the main game project who that involve all my NChans in a medieval heroic fantasy background (please say welcome to Princess Law *____*). Anyway, for more information about my adopted characters please check this journal.

I even offered an adoptable for an artist I admire, this little one, I just hope she takes care of her =).

About adoptables I missed

The following part of my journal will be dedicated to all the adoptables I loved so much but I missed for several reasons (not have enough points/money ; old publication I missed ;...). I may missed many other interesting characters in the past, but the following are really really awesome, I'm really dying because they would be awesome on my NChans familly. My goal isn't to describe them like "if I had bought them then here is how I would use them", no no no I just want to say what I like on them (I will just make an exception of course...). I know this may be presumptuous on my part for some of you, but I can not stay here and say "that cool", I really want to say what I have in my heart. I loved so much the adoptables I bought, so I hope it's also the case for you. For those who read this journal please take a look the creators galleries to support their works =).

Thanks for your attention.

Last update - 08/19/2014 (#4)
:bulletgreen: [Update #4]
- I finally feature PiraruChan's first adoptable she created, Peachi-Antoniette. The thumbs links to the deleted picture so it's normal.
- I will feature PandanaLove's Sailor Moon adoptables later. They are so cute, I will feature them even if some are custom.

:bulletyellow: [Update #3]
- WHY T___T ? Why PiraruChan did you delete the picture of your very first deviantART adoptable because "I posted a question on" ? I'm so sad... I had no reply, and then today this morning I tried to search again in Soulbeater's folder to finally find the answer that she had the adoptable thanks to a single drawing. It's so hard to "update" ?
- I added two adoptables I missed I found these last days, I was busy to update earlier. From Belowzero-adopts (managed by wordle and 3896) and TheSpazztasticPony. Too bad I will not able to say how I love Peachi Antoniette her drawing was so gorgeous T___T... (freaking awesome French monarchy hairstyle, mole on her soft chest...) *dying*.

:bulletorange: [Update #2]
- I added another adoptables I missed that I discovered today, from Mostlynice, Funky-Intuition, Noririn-Hayashi, IkedaYumikoChan, deizunei and tasha-chi.

:bulletred: [Update #1]
- I was really happy, but I felt sad too. MinakoHyuuga said she was okay to resell me the adoptables I loved. I sent the points to her but I still hope to have the confirmation from HeilHydra and have also the original files if possible.
- I also added some texts on the first part, including the whole number of points I gave to buy all my adopted characters. It's really huge.

Note : For the two first characters, their owners are aware I'm making gifts for their characters, I'm really sorry this takes so long time. For the others, I didn't discuss with their owners yet so dear owners, I'm sorry if the mention may bother you (I hope you read my speech above).

Adoptable - Blossom CLOSED by kattugglan

Blossom | Created by kattugglan - Adopted by AyameKotori

I love her hairstyle "puff hair" (I don't know how to describe in english) + attached hair, she reminds me a mix between Maichan and Urachan, with more grace. I love her suggestive pose too I must admit, this naked hip revealing the line of her soft buttocks, I'm dying so hard *o*...

Adopt Batch2 CLOSED by Zivara

#8 (Nora) | Created by Zivara - Adopted by BlackRavaen

Since I missed the giveway by Piffi-adoptables with a character-design I liked (a masked girl), I'm searching a character-design with a "masked face", hidden its eyes more precisely. Then I found - too late unfortunately - #8 so awesome. A kind of an seductive woman. I love her dark palette color and her hairstyle is really beautifull matching so well with her blindfold, and like for Blossom below, her japanese clothe may highlight her legs but I don't know. I don't think I can do or find better as character-design. BlackRavaen called her Nora, a pretty nice name.

[CLOSED] ADOPT AUCTION 92 - Shadowmonster by Piffi-adoptables

#2 | Created by Piffi-adoptables - Adopted by LadyoftheSeireitei

I must admit, I love all the characters created by piffi-adoptables, specially these kind you can see below the colors are so beautiful *o* ! This artist created a lot of interested characters. If I had no problem with her past adoptables, I found in love with #2 here... A mix between pink and green, hum why not, but here the mix are really awesome thanks to the art style. Even I have several NChans with double buns, these are really original. And her dress is wonderful. I've always loved these characters with partially hidden face, I also love her boots.

[OPEN] Adoptables! by HeilHydra[CLOSED] Adoptables! by HeilHydra[OPEN] Naruto adoptables by HeilHydra[CLOSED] Adoptables! by HeilHydra

#1 | Created by HeilHydra - Adopted by anch-u

#2 & #3 | Adopted by ElectricRainboow and by xCottonfluff

#1 | Adopted by omnivored

#2 | Adopted by x-KakashiFanGirl-x

When I adopted my black haired-lipstick ninja, I found heilhydra's gallerie and like with piffi-adoptable, her characters are so cute. These shown here are so original, it will take me too long to explain individually, I'm sorry. The last one I loved, the pink-haired girl, is pretty cool. Strangly she remind me Sakura Haruno from the manga Naruto, but this may be normal since these characters are all "Naruto/Ninjas adoptables".

So there is the exception I told you previously, I will explain what I had in mind when I was these cutes one : I saw perfectly well 4 and 8 as sisters. Look, they have quite same style (toothed hair, bodypaint...). I thought on duet name but I forgot it >__>. So bad they were "separated" (I mean adopted from two different persons).

:ONE LEFT: Adopt Set 19 by NyphAdopt

#1 | Created by NyphAdopt - Adopted by masterchiefhammer

I must admit I'm also I have also a weakness for sexy clothes :XD:. The hairstyle is pretty cute even Foechan already have this kind of
strand of hair, but I love this pure pink color and the whole is really original.

ChibiAdopts-2: CLOSED by mostlyniceAdopts

#4 | Created by Mostlynice - Adopted by DrMuffinsandTea

Ahhhh Mostlynice made so many awesome adoptables, I really like her style and each adoptable is pretty unique. If I had one I love so much is #4 below. Originally I wanted this kind of hairstyle for Sunchan (I mean,  the hair going up). I don't know how DrMuffinsandTea used this adoptable, for me of course it was a girl.

[Circus set-CLOSED] by Funky-Intuition

#4 | Created by Funky-Intuition - Adopted by Coffee-Kiyo

Oh my god ! #4 reminds me so much our adorable Palchan
, due to the same base used by Funky-Intuition certainly and because both Palchan and this adoptable have the same "youth" style I may say. I love so much this kind of character.

Prizes: Custom Adopts Set 1 by Noririn-Hayashi

#1 | Created by Noririn-Hayashi - Adopted by Saibraeus

OH MY T__T !!!! Even it's a boy, I love him so much, it's a rare exception *o*. In general I'm fine with effeminate boys, and to tell you the truth I have an effeminate body (I'm really thin). My NChans are all woman and female when it's not humain (like Thochan). But I don't know, the art style is really beautiful I love so much the character-design, I'm so confused *O* !!! I hope Saibrabeus keep him as a boy.

Naruto OC adoptables! by IkedaYumikoChan

#1 | Created by IkedaYumikoChan - Adopted by SoulBeater

When I saw
PhatLipp's adopted character called Natsumi, I liked the idea of eyes hidden no like Nora more below with a
blindfold but litteraly by hairs. Something natural so, we could see the eyes in some cases. I just found today this adoptable adopted by Soulbeater. I really love her hairstyle + I found her ninja clothes so awesome.

Adoptables 4: CLOSED by deizunei

#1 & #2 | Created by deizunei - Adopted by ExoticSapphire and by Cookie-Hime

I love so much #2's design (hairstyle + palette color), and #1
is so cute T____T !

.:  Adopt #1 CLOSED :. by tasha-chi

| Created by tasha-chi - Adopted by Vicky-Pandora

OH MY FUCKING GOD T______T THE QUEEN OF THE QUEENS this one is particular epic. I love so much her clothe so cute so suggestive I love the idea for the chest. As NChans, she would be the NChan Queen definitely
. I will pray for this awesome goddess. Tasha-chi, you must make more adoptables like this one :sad:.

ADOPT: Auction 04 (CLOSED) by belowzero-adopts

| Created by belowzero-adopts - Adopted by TheYummyCupcake

At the beginning I didn't wanted elf (for me human with pointed ears)
as NChans but Mozchan was so cute and I took her. Since I had also adopted another, a dark skined I think I will name Nanchan but I'm not sure for now, and I had an idea for a third pointed ears girl this time original by me (with blond hair). When I found this adoptable above, I was so marveled by the the originality of the whole character design ! Really this one is freaking awesome, to bad again I didn't found her sooner.

DTA CONTEST ADOPT (CLOSED) by TheSpazztasticPony

| Created by TheSpazztasticPony - Adopted by Genesis-Ninja

I already have a black girl with white hair, Gohchan. But I didn't have at all a black girl with long smooth hair (but it will come soon). Plus I love the combo black skin + purple eyes, with many pellets in her hair. Anyway I'm not able to draw so I would have no chance to have her.
Congratulations to Genesis-Ninja, her contest drawing is wonderful and I invite you to watch.

Peachi-Antoniette | Created by PiraruChan - Adopted by :devSoulBeater:

Okay even Piraruchan
deleted the file but I had the original link in fact so that why I could put the thumbs above (it's deleted so no preview). I really love her adoptable, okay I now know she was adopted but I don't understand why have deleted the work, it was your first adoptable it must be something important ! Okay, I will list her anyway, you both deserve it

I really love the character mainly thanks to the style, it remind me the style used for my NChans ^^. As I said earlier, I also love her design (hairstyle and some details like mole on her chest). SoulBeater, I hope you will make more fanarts of her =) !

Thanks for reading this journal. Again, please don't hesitate to take a look on these galleries. I will keep updating this journal and add things if I forget.

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